Grandoldmemes isn’t your typical “meme page” and can offer a wide range of services for your business,startup. or campaign. Logo or image design, social media growth, marketing/advertising, meme production, and apparel design are just a few of the services Grandoldmemes can offer.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Working with Grandoldmemes is cost-effective and time-saving. Moreover, GOM will help you in selecting proper content which can resonate well with your venture. For every scaled business, working with GOM can innovatively increase sales, generate conversation, and/or promote campaigns from a target location or platform.

From a Grandoldmemes commission you can expect:

  • High-class visual content for your venture

  • Increased footfall to your social media pages

  • More engagement

  • Increase query

  • Potential customers from your target location

  • Better future content strategy

It’s very simple, submit a request with a short description, including all the credentials of your venture. Grandoldmemes will get back to you to proceed further.

Every client’s meme package is custom made to suit their marketing requirement, so it’s difficult to provide a standard pricing sheet; it varies from company to company. It will fluctuate based on a number of deliverables and factors, for example, number of memes, campaign details, labor costs, digital spend to promote the campaign etc. We will provide both standard and premium packages from which you can choose anyone based on your budget.

Grandoldmemes will work with you to design a strategy after getting details from you. GOM will discuss the deliverables with you and design an end-to-end campaign.

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